C5 Leadership


C5 Leadership


This First of it’s kind happened April 14th and the reviews were astounding, all participants want to come for a 5 in the series. Register today for the next event. Email Lindsay for details, lkarson28@gmail.com

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C5 Leadership Course.

This is a exciting pilot program we are offering at Zuma’s to help business owners, managers, directors, work team members and heads of household develop effective, meaningful dialog with co-workers and or family members. 

Much of what we are trying to express through our communication is lost in those subtle, non-verbal messages we are sending in every glance and or gesture. 

This series is a great place for corporate team building activities designed to enhance your business objective, create congruence with words & actions ultimately improving your business and or family dynamic. 

As us about private corporate groups and pricing. 

$225 value for just $75 per person in this one time offering.