Zuma’s 500 Club

Wings of Success

The programs here at Zuma’s are sustainable due to our amazing community members that support our efforts. If you would like to be part of the life saving efforts that happen here each and every day, yet you don’t have time to volunteer.

Zuma’s 500 Club is for you, we are looking for 500 of our 1,100 follower to sign up for a ongoing $25 monthly contribution.

What will this funding assist us with? If we had that level of support from our base, we would be able to save more animals lives and provide more therapy for troubles children and families. Why is it important for us to help these populations? These are the voiceless members of society that suffer in silence, that have no options if not for organizations that hear their silent suffering. Zuma’s hears the cries of those voiceless community members and we provide shelter, food, rehabilitation, and therapy for them.

Won’t you join us in our efforts to save lives? $25 is as simple as skipping a dinner out a month or skipping your $5 coffee five times a month. Just think, your $25 sacrifice will provide life saving service for animals and children.

The 500 club members will have 5% discount on all merchandise and services offered at Zuma’s, members will have access to our outdoor patio area complete with tent and picnic tables for one gathering, 40 people or less a year (June-October)

Join us today.